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Where Do The Benefits Come From?
  1. Issues are solved only once, as staff have access to the collective experience of the entire organization. Time isn’t wasted re-solving known issues.
  2. Known issues are faster to handle as staff leverage great search and highly findable, usable knowledge.
  3. Low value contacts are deflected by self-service that becomes the channel of choice for most customers, most of the time.

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Learn how much you can benefit from KM best practices, powered by Knova tools.

Results You Can Trust

Image003 The results you’re about to see come from the Consortium for Service Innovation’s KCS Benefits Calculator, so they’re numbers you can take to the bank. Aptean’s applications are KCS v4 Verified — your assurance you can get full value from Knowledge-Centered Support Best Practices.

Jump In!

We’ve provided a starting point for different types of companies — pick your closest match to see your results. Then, start tuning with the specifics of your workforce and caseload to get more accurate results. After you get your results, you can come back and change any of your entries to compare different scenarios. What information will I need?

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