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Step 1: Customizing Your Results

This tool can model different benefits depending on your business purpose for rolling out knowledge management. Please select your primary objective.

Increased capacity
You are scaling your organization to meet growing customer demand and want to defer hiring, (solve more cases with the same headcount)

Freed-up headcount
You are assuming constant demand and want to redeploy headcount to other activities, (solve the same cases with fewer heads, showing new available labor)

Lower headcount
If you're assuming constant demand and want to sustain service levels as turnover and budget cuts leave you with fewer full-time equivalent staff, (solve the same cases with fewer heads)

Include Contact Deflection Benefits

If you will be rolling the knowledgebase out to end users via web self-service, and want to model the contact deflection and customer engagement benefits that come from self-service, select this box. If you are not deploying self-service, or wish to only model internal benefits, leave this box unchecked.